Are there any organizations that offer free advice on how to repair my credit? also offers a free telephone consultation and averages a 40-point increase in TransUnion's credit rating over the first four months for its customers. It provides customers with free access to the summary of their credit report and has online tools to help them track the results. Founded in 1989, Sky Blue is one of the most established credit repair services available. It provides all the services you would expect, such as credit repair, credit monitoring, unlimited disputes, and a debt management program that can help you improve your financial habits.

The Credit Pros is an AI-powered credit repair company that has been in business for more than a decade. It offers unlimited disputes and access to a variety of letters to creditors for some packages. If you have errors on your credit report, you may need help to get it back up and running. While you can fix errors in credit reports on your own and save money in the process, there are companies dedicated to credit repair that can step in to help you.

While the success of credit repair companies isn't guaranteed, this can make it easier to discuss errors and contact each credit agency. When comparing credit repair companies, look for one that is reliable, effective, affordable and has good customer service. These are the six best credit repair companies. Ovation Credit Services has been in business for 45 years.

Has built a reputation of trust and supportive customer service. It helps its customers improve and repair their credit scores through two cost-effective packages. If you don't know which package is right for you, Ovation Credit Services offers a free consultation to guide you. You will have access to their discounts and their risk-free refund policy regardless of the package you choose.

It offers discounts for couples, seniors, members of the military and referrals, in addition to a refund policy that states that, during any month, if Ovation Credit Services does not “provide the agreed services, we will not charge you the monthly rates for that month.”. Lexington Law has been in operation for more than 15 years, making it one of the most reliable credit repair companies. It was founded “to revolutionize the credit repair industry, providing ethical and effective credit repair to consumers in need.”. Through three different service packages, Lexington Law provides clients with a roadmap for building their credit and achieving their financial goals.

The Credit Pros has been in business for 12 years. It offers a personal credit management and repair platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and includes credit monitoring at no additional cost. Other credit repair companies include credit monitoring as an additional service. Before starting to work with The Credit Pros, potential customers can schedule a free consultation in English or Spanish.

This is a practical way to see if the company fits your specific needs and what package would best support you. Sky Blue Credit has been in operation for more than 30 years and offers a unique and simple credit repair service option. Their service includes everything a customer needs to find and challenge errors in their credit reports and repair their credit scores. Unlike other credit repair companies on this list, there's no need to upgrade the most expensive packages.

According to Sky Blue Credit, customers are told that the credit repair process can take up to six months; however, they can cancel anytime during that period at no additional charge. Credit repair occurs when consumers work with companies that specialize in eliminating errors in credit reports with the intention of increasing their credit rating. Depending on the company a person works with, they can access a number of additional features, such as free credit rating updates, writing cease and desist letters to debt collectors, or even writing letters of recommendation to lenders with whom they apply for a loan. While many companies announce how many negative entries they have eliminated, there are no reliable statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of credit repair companies.

Credit repair companies can help you eliminate negative items from your credit report, but it's not guaranteed to be successful. Because you can do everything a credit repair company can do on your own, it's often best to take the time to review your credit reports on your own and file any disputes. Doing the work yourself is completely free, which will save you hundreds of dollars that you would have to pay to a credit repair company. Next, CNBC Select brings together the best credit repair companies based on factors such as fees, customer satisfaction rates, company history, availability, and money-back guarantees.

If you're thinking of working with a credit repair service, it's important that you choose a reputable option. Many of the assistance programs, whether they are advice on budgeting, credit cards, debt management plans, credit repair, or other types of assistance, are similar to those from other agencies. Sky Blue offers some of the most affordable rates for adding a spouse or partner to the credit repair program. Each plan includes agency challenges and creditor interventions, and higher-level plans offer additional services, such as TransUnion alerts, credit rating analysis and credit monitoring.

We reviewed 13 popular credit repair companies based on 19 data points in the categories of stability, reputation and customer satisfaction, customer experience, services, and costs and rates. Prospective customers receive a free credit repair consultation to help them decide which of the company's three packages is best for them. This is different from services such as credit counseling, which is generally organized by a non-profit organization and can help you develop a budget, obtain copies of your credit report, and create debt management plans. Or, if the account information is inaccurate or out of date, the credit repair service could file a letter of complaint for deletion.

Even so, the improvement period may be shorter than if you decided to repair your credit on your own. If you suspect that a credit repair company you've encountered is scamming their customers or committing any type of fraud, you can report it to the FTC. .

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